Locare - Car rental luxury Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Monte Carlo

Luxury car rental on the French Riviera

The main terms and conditions

Required list of documents for a car rental company "Locare luxury car rental"

Car rent:

  • travel copy. tenant's passport;
  • copy of driver's license;
  • a copy of the credit card (front side) of the tenant.

IMPORTANT: Without the availability of documents and funds on the card to pay for the deposit-insurance payment can not rent cars. Deposit-insurance fee will be charged only for the non-cash form of payment - credit card of the customer. The provision of cash for payment of the franchise is inadmissible.

Transfer Order:

  • a copy of the travel abroad. tenant's passport;
  • a copy of the credit card (front side) of the tenant.

IMPORTANT: without the presence of documents or on the shuttle car is impossible map.

A company representative reserves the right to require the production of the originals of all these documents. Car rental is available at the full advance payment and the preliminary provision of the insurance payment.

Deposit-insurance payment

Obligatory condition of renting a car is a company car vendor providing deposit-insurance payment (deductible). Payment of at least 10% (depending on the vehicle) of the vehicle value and represents the degree of tenant responsibility for causing any kind of damage to the car at the time of his lease.

On the rental period, the size of deposit-insurance payment is blocked on the customer's card. Distributors company carries insurance coverage of all cars on the full "hull insurance" system, but private tenant participation in the insurance coverage is not included.

Company-distributors, as well as the insurance company is completely removed from the responsibility for covering the damage if the car was damaged when the tenant operated them in a state of alcohol or drugs, and passes control to a car person, not written in the contract. All types of liability, including criminal, fully borne by the lessee.

Franchise unlocking

At the end of the rental amount of deposit-insurance payment on the customer's account is unlocked within the deadline set by the bank user. In most cases the release period is 2-3 days (for Swiss banks), 7 days (for French banks), 21 days (for the Russian and Ukrainian banks).

Rental rules

Minimum age - 18 years. All rental vehicles are provided to the customer with a full tank of fuel. With the full tank of fuel must be returned to the distributors. IMPORTANT: for the rental of the vehicle, the customer is obliged to keep all receipts from the petrol stations, which carried out the vehicle servicing and, if necessary, to provide them to the lessor.

Deposit-insurance payment

The car was returned to the car vendor in pure form and good condition. If a representative of the company is not possible to inspect the received machine on site (not enough space for a full examination of parking, car renting in the dark), Distributors reserve the right to make a claim to the tenant within the next 24 hours of the return of the car - as written notice to the tenant. On each rented car is equipped with a rolling mileage limit is 250 km / day rental. If this limit is exhausted, every kilometer of unnecessarily subjected to a separate billing according to the attached contract.

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