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If you need to rent a car abroad, the company "Locare luxury car rental" is ready to provide its services. We are responsibly approaching this important task and offering excellent service.

Antibes is a small town located in France. It consists of ancient quarters, which are surrounded by rich villas and well-kept parks. In Antibes there are plenty of pebbly and sandy beaches. Shopping fans are given access to the markets. shops and boutiques with a diverse assortment. Particular attention from tourists deserves a boutique jewelry and a toy store.

In the city you can admire the old yacht port - as a haven it is chosen by the owners of the largest, expensive and beautiful yachts. Also, Antibes is famous for its nightlife: restaurants, bars, clubs, discotheques - ideal places for youth entertainment. Personal cars are the best way to travel around the city, so you can use the site of bookingcar.com, and rent a car in the center of Antibes.

Car rental in Antibes without collateral is possible only if the driver is already 21 years old (sometimes 25 years old), he has a bank card and international standard rights. In this case, you can pay a small deposit to be sure that the machine at the right time will wait for you in the specified place.

Now it is very advantageous to book a car rental in Antibes directly from home online. You can pick up the car of the right class and brand, and also keep within the planned budget. For this money you will have at your disposal a car of economy class. The cheapest car rental in Antibes is renting a minivan.

If the driver is a gross violation of traffic rules, cars can be rented out. During the trip, all must be fastened with seat belts. Alcohol in the blood of the driver is allowed no more than 0.5 ppm (two mugs of beer, two glasses of wine or a strong cocktail). Driving in a drunken state threatens with a fine of up to 4500 EUR and deprivation of rights for three years.

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