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Where to go in France?

Summer is the best time to travel in France. It is in summer you can see the blooming parks of the Loire castles, admire lavender fields, and of course bathe in the Channel or in the gentle waters of the Mediterranean. And so - let's go!

In France, each region differs from others in its history, architecture and climate. Of course it's very interesting to visit everywhere! But if your vacation is not more than two weeks, then you have to choose something. For completeness of impressions, it will be enough to drive France from the south to the north.

In the south, the most interesting is the coast of the French Riviera - Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Marseille. If the plans include sea bathing, then it's best to stop in Nice. Here the most pleasant beaches, a large selection of hotels for any purse, as well as from Nice it is convenient to get to Cannes and Monaco. Here is the international airport. Marseille is a very beautiful but densely populated city, with a high crime rate due to the large number of immigrants, with a huge port that makes it less attractive for a holiday on the Mediterranean.

Of course, a traveler in France, you must visit Provence. The main city of the province of Vaucluse, the Provence-Avignon region. The city is interesting place here papal residence, operating until 1797.

Fontana de Vaucluse (Fontaine de Vaucluse), where the great Italian poet Petrarch met his Laura. Here is a paper manufactory, working on the technologies of the XV century and a karst spring, from which the local river Sorg starts taking. The source is so deep that even the team's expedition of Jean Yves Cousteau, could not its bottom.

And of course if you travel in late July or early August you can admire the famous lavender fields!

The most interesting city of Clermont-Ferrand, the capital of the Auvergne region, is located on a ridge of extinct volcanoes. In addition to the unique natural monument, there is something to see and in architectural terms - the historic part of the city is built of volcanic stone.

Certainly, traveling in France, you need to look into the Loire valley. Castles are so numerous that it would not work out even in a month. To settle better around a large city, for example: Blois, Tour, Saumur, Angers, depending on what locks you plan to visit.

In the north of the country are located Brittany and Normandy. In Brittany, it's worth visiting Rennes, Saint-Malo, Dinard. In Normandy it is interesting to the place of Etretat with the unique chalky rocks, Rouen, where Joan of Arc was burnt. and, of course, Mont Saint-Michel.

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