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By car in France

In the world there are many interesting routes for auto travels and one of the most picturesque runs along the Mediterranean coast of France - along the French Riviera or the Cote d'Azur, from the town of Menton, which is on the border with Italy, to Marseilles. However, these boundaries are not entirely unambiguous, each interprets them in different ways, as some believe that the Cote d'Azur stretches only to Toulon.

But by and large this is not so important, the main thing is that the places there are really impressive - the Cote d'Azur on the one hand is bounded by the rugged coastline of the picturesque bays, and on the other - by majestic mountain ranges that, among other things, close it from the cold winds than contribute to the creation of a pleasant mild climate throughout the year (here it is not hot summers and warm sunny winters).

Routes for France can be divided into two groups: fact-finding throughout the country, or thematic by region. In order to fully travel around the country, it is better to lay at least two weeks. This you will run through the most sights in different parts of the country. If there is not so much time, you can concentrate on some one region, in order to learn more about local culture, and not "gallop across Europe."

As always, you can move more flexibly on the car, but there is a parking problem. If you have at least three, then, as a rule, the car is also much cheaper. If you travel alone, public transport will be cheaper (especially considering that the main highways in France are paid and cost about 7 euros per 100 km). It is quite convenient to travel by train on large trains, but with villages it's worse: there you have to catch a bus, which sometimes goes every half a day. If you are interested in the Association of the most beautiful villages of France, then the car will help you!

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