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Nice - an amazing Mediterranean city, located in the south of France. Rent a car in Nice is an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful promenade, which is built up by palaces and villas in the Rococo style and is the embodiment of luxury.

In Nice, car rental will come in handy if you come to the annual Carnival. Rent a car in Nice is necessary if you want to visit many interesting international events, such as the Jazz Festival. And of course, how can you do without renting a car in Nice while visiting beautiful palaces and churches, among which are the famous Opera of Nice, the Chapel, the Cathedral of Saint-Reparat, the Chateau hill with the ruins of the castle and many others. Annually this city is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world, and in view of this the relevance of car rental in Nice is quite high. Using the services of Locare, you can easily online booking a car that you like.
The excellent location of the city of Nice make it an excellent destination for tourists. This is not only a great place to wander, but also a great start point for autotravel.

In the company Locare luxury car renta, rent a car in Nice is carried out at the highest level. The main goal of our work is to achieve the highest level of comfort for each client. Using our service, you will save a lot of personal time on the trip, regardless of the purpose of this trip. Whether it be a tourist trip, a business trip or a trip for any other purpose, Locare will help you gain freedom of movement throughout the city without any restrictions. You will not depend on the plans of the entire tourist group or the directions of the head of the working trip and will have time to visit and see many more beautiful places.
Pay attention to local parking regulations. They differ from city to city and even from district to district. It may seem that it's expensive to leave a car in a paid parking lot, but this may be the best solution: it's safer and you definitely do not break the rules.

At our site you will find a wide range of vehicles of the highest class: each car is in excellent condition and regularly subjected to a technical inspection.

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